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Health & Wellness

At Cobb County Department of Emergency Communications, we prioritize the mental health, wellness, and resiliency of our 911 professionals. Our organization works hard to minimize the effects of burnout and ensure that we provide our team members with the necessary tools to do so. We offer annual training, in-person courses, and monthly newsletter articles on mental health, wellness, peer support, and resilience. We offer a newly renovated gym space with new equipment thanks to a partnership with the Cobb County Public Safety Foundation. We provide an outdoor garden for team members to enjoy after a tough call with a soothing fountain and hammock. Our ten-member peer support team can provide emotional and physical support to their peers during traumatic events.

  • Health & Wellness Committee

    The goal of the Health and Wellness Committee is to promote physical and mental well-being at Cobb DEC. This is achieved with monthly workouts, fitness and health challenges, healthy recipes in the DEC newsletter, and a social media support group.

    The Health and Wellness Committee has led the renovation of our employee gym and with provided more nutritious food options in vending machines.

  • G.R.O.W.

    The G.R.O.W. (Growth, Restoration, Oneness, & Wellness) Committee was formed in the summer of 2021 to renovate and maintain the abandoned police memorial garden into a relaxing sensory garden for Cobb County 911 team members. This space serves as a retreat from the high-stress conditions of the operations floor and can be used by employees, day or night. The Garden had a grand opening during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week 2022 and has been in heavy use since by D.E.C. employees.

  • Peer Support Team

    The Cobb County Department of Emergency Communications Peer Support Team consists of 12 members who have volunteered their time to provide emotional and physical support to their peers during and after traumatic events. Our team offered their time, experience, and understanding to help their peers going through a rough day or traumatic event which caused a negative response. When the issue required a higher level of care, our team members provided referrals to Cobb County’s lead clinician, Renee Willis, NCC, LPC, CPCS, RPT-S; the Employee Assistance Program (EAP); or Cobb County Police Department’s Chaplin’s Assistance Program.