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Hiring Process

Testing for the position of Emergency Communications Officer generally takes place several times per year. Once the position posts online, it will remain open until all testing spaces are filled. If testing has closed, please check back periodically.

  • Phase 1

    Once the initial application is completed and candidate meets the necessary qualifications, they will receive an email containing a release form and Candidate Information Packet – this must be completed and submitted. The submitted information is then reviewed by our Employment Relations Unit (ERU).

  • Phase 2

    Candidates will be scheduled to come to the communications center for pre-employment testing. Once passed, they will complete a background interview with a member of the ERU. If the candidate does not pass, depending on the score they are eligible for an immediate retake. If the score is below the immediate retake threshold, they are eligible to test again in thirty days. Candidates that complete a background interview will be given a conditional job offer of employment.

  • Phase 3

    Candidates will complete a polygraph, psychological, and physical evaluation. The ERU will conduct further background investigations – job history, reference checks.

  • Phase 4

    Following successful completion of the interview with Background Investigator, the applicant will be offered a Conditional Offer of Employment and scheduled for additional examinations including Psychological and Medical.
  • Final Interview

    Upon successful completion of the evaluations and background investigation, candidates will be scheduled for a final interview with the Director of the Department of Emergency Communications.

While the department will attempt to consider individual circumstances during the hiring process, dishonesty will result with immediate disqualification.